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How do I get a clear score for credit applications in Australia?

Have you ever forgotten to pay a mobile phone bill? Perhaps one of your credit card payments was a little late? These may seem like minor issues, but they can leave a lasting black mark on your credit history that may affect your access to lending. Working your way towards a better credit rating can improve your financial situation, but what helps you get a clear score for credit in Australia? What does a ‘clear score’ even mean? Credit defaults…

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Credit score FAQ: What are the benefits of a clear score?

Your credit score is a bit like a heart rate for your finances. It offers lenders a quick and simple way to gauge your overall financial health. One of the key differences is that a credit score can never be too high! A clear score doesn’t necessarily represent a perfect credit rating (which will generally range from 0 to either 1,000 or 1,200 in Australia depending on the credit bureau calculating it.) But chances are a clear score means you…

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Want a clear score? Knowledge is power. Make sure you know your credit terminology

Credit card usage has become ubiquitous worldwide, even among those who want to get a clear score. In Australia alone, we have accrued around $32 billion in credit card debt to date. Statistics also show that from 2010 to 2017, the average credit card purchase went up from eight purchases a month to 13. With the increase of credit card usage in Australia, there has also come additional stress. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) conducted a survey about…

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So you want a clear score. Can payday loans stop you from getting one?

Looking for a clear score but wondering if a payday loan could stop you from getting one? Payday loans became prevalent as quick fixes for Australians in the 1990s, responding to the need for small, personal loans that banks and credit unions would no longer provide. Payday loans were frequently offered to people with bad credit or who didn’t have clear scores, making the loans even more ubiquitous. A small payday loan can be up to $2,000 and has a…

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