Xmas savings
Five hacks to help you spend less this Christmas

With COVID-19 lockdowns and restriction across much of the country, it is estimated Aussies will spend $18.8 billion this Christmas1, down from $25 billion last year2. So as we get ready for work Christmas parties, catch ups with friends and family and planning the Christmas…

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Switching providers: The art of negotiation

Do you know how much you are spending on utility bills each month? The average annual cost of electricity, gas, phone and internet, is at least $4,000! But this year — due to forced lockdowns — Australians are seeing their utility bills increase as they…

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This could be the secret to budgeting

If you’ve never had a budget, or if you’ve tried and given up on one before, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Visions of complicated spreadsheets and living on nothing but 2 minute noodles make the idea seem at best, snore-inducing and at worst,…

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September 28 Economic Update: stimulus delivers textbook result

New data released today shows how the Australian government’s textbook stimulus response offset falling spending in the rest of the economy. During the COVID pandemic Australian consumer spending dropped very rapidly – down 21% below normal levels at the height of the pandemic. In response, the Government implemented a strong set of stimulus measures. These stimulus measures helped support overall spending in the economy.

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