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Credit scores 101: How to check your credit score (and more)

You may not have put much thought into your credit rating before, especially if you’ve avoided credit cards, mortgages and other loans in the past. But there will likely come a day when you want financial help from lenders, so here’s our quick guide of everything you need to know about credit scores. Any score over 500 is good, so your rating may not be as bad as you think. What is a credit rating? Organisations use credit ratings to…

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What is a default on credit? (And how can I remove it?!)

Have you spotted a default on your credit rating? If so, your credit score could have taken a big hit. Let’s take a look at what credit defaults are, how long they stay on your report and the measures you can take to clear defaults from your credit history. You can only get a default actively removed from your history when a mistake has been made. Understanding defaults on your credit rating A default on credit is when you fail…

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